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Greetings everyone!

I just signed up to win a book called Torn by Justin Lee. It is about homosexulaity and how Christians can help them overcome it. I signed up at Sean Palmer’s blog thepalmerspective.com, and so can you.

God bless. Peace.



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God Is…

Greetings everyone!

God is a lot of things.

God is love.

God is gracious.

God is merciful.

God is jealous.

God is wrathful.

God is all-knowing.

God is everywhere.

God is so much more.

But the most important thing is God is.

Comments, thoughts, questions, etc are always welcomed.

God bless.



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Greetings everyone! Continuing on in the series, the apostle Paul tells the Roman brethren he is eager.

But eager to do what, pray tell? Eager to preach the gospel to those whom he is obligated to.

To be eager means Paul is willing and able to preach. He wants to preach.

He is passionate about preaching.

How eager am I? How eager are you?

Thank you all for reading my short thoughts for the day.

God bless you all. Grace and Peace.


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Greetings everyone! So sorry I haven’t blogged in so long. Been thinking about somethings. Will be back in a regular blogging routine now.

In the Bible class I’ve been going to on Sunday mornings, we’ve been talking about Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love.

The past two weeks we’ve talked about lukewarm Christians. As we were talking about the chapters I started thinking. What makes a Christian lukewarm? In Revelation 3, we read about the church in Laodicia. Jesus told them they were rich and didn’t need anything, they needed to buy white robes to cover their neckedness, and salve to clear away their blindness.

It seems the Laodician church loved their gifts they recieved, but forgot the One who gave it to them. They got into a comforable routine and they wouldn’t let anything disturbe that routine.

The biggest thing we talked about is, if a Christian worries about being lukewarm, then their not. Lukewarm Christians seem to be continent where they are in life, and don’t strive for growth.

I wanted to open this up for discussion. What do you think makes a Christian lukewarm?

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Greetings everyone! Here are some thoughts for the day.

While enrolled at Sunset, in one of my Congregational Ministry classes, our teacher had us form groups of three or four people. Our assignment was to choose a few joined Bible verses, and do a tag-teamed sermon in chapel. Three of my fellow students chose Romans 1:14-16. In these verses, the apostle Paul told the Roman church that he is “obligated”, “eager”, and “not ashamed”.

The one who started asked us to whom we were “obligated” to? The apostle Paul said he was obligated to Jews and Greeks to tell them about Jesus.

I feel obligated to college students, singles, young married, and young families. I hope and pray God will help me be a vehicle of His love and grace for each of them.

Who are you “obligated” to?

Your thoughts, comments, questions, etc are always welcomed and encouraged.

God bless. Grace and Peace.


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