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Leadership: Part One.

Greetings everyone! Sorry for the delay in blogging lately. I studied yesterday and am now ready to blog.

A few days back I decided to do several blogs on leadership development to build up elders, deacons, ministers, ministry leaders, and others who are interested in leadership.

The first person I think of about leadership is Moses. Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy talk about Moses.

The first time we see Moses in the biblical text is Exodus chapter 2. Moses is born to Hebrew parents who have to hide him, because the Pharaoh is about to kill a lot of new born boys to get rid of Moses. So Moses’ parents make a basket, and put him in it, and set it loose in the Nile River.

The Pharaoh’s daughter finds him, adopts him, and raises him as her own son. She finds Moses’ mother who nurses him and takes care of him. She, no doubt, makes sure Moses knows he is a Hebrew, knows about God, and all of that.

Fast forward to Moses’ adulthood. Moses goes out to see his people, the Hebrews who were being brutally treated by the Pharaoh and the Egyptian people. And Moses sees an Egyptian mistreating a Hebrew, and he kills the Egyptian. Word of this gets to the Pharaoh, and he tries to kill Moses. So Moses runs away to Median.

When Moses gets to Median, he sees a group of princesses who were being mistreated by some guys. So Moses runs the trouble-makers off and waters their camels for them. When the girls get home, their father asks them why they returned so quickly. They tell him about Moses and his dramatic rescue of the girls. Their father tells them to go get him and bring him home. The man gives Moses his oldest daughter him as his wife. This woman bares Moses two sons.

Fast forward forty years. Moses has been a shepherd for most, not all, of those years taking care of his father-in-law’s sheep. Then God miraculously appears to Moses as flaming bush, and tells Moses to go back to Egypt to deliver his people from their oppression. Because in all the time Moses was in Median, the Israelites were being brutally oppressed in Egypt. Israel had been crying out to Jehovah God for deliverance, and He had been preparing Moses to deliver them. Now all things were ready.

Moses had his doubts and had to be convinced of his calling. Once he was, he and his brother Aaron perform many miraculous signs, and plagues to convince the Pharaoh and all of Egypt of Jehovah’s divine presence and power. The last of the plagues was the slaying of every first born son of every family and animal in Egypt. Then Egypt let Israel leave.

Israel had many trials in Egypt, and because of Egypt in many ways. Including when Israel was let loose, and Egypt decided to go get them back. But Jehovah God let Israel pass through a sea on dry ground with walls of water on both sides. When Egypt was chasing them and going through the sea, God caused the sea to crash down on the Egyptians killing them all.

From then on, Israel had to learn to trust God in every area of their lives. They learned to trust God for their food like when He gave them manna and quail. They learned to trust Moses’ and Aaron’s leadership.

Moses and Aaron had to learn to always honor Jevoah God in every way in every day.

In Exodus and Deuteronmy we learn the Ten Commandments. In Exodus, we see the Israelites provoked Aaron to make them a golden calf as a represetative to Jehovah God, which was idolatry. And God was about wipe the Israelites off the face of the earth and start over Moses. But Moses always defended them to the Lord.

We also learn about the high priest, all of his duties, and required attire.

  In Exodus, we learn God demands holiness and we treat Him as our King. About leardership, we learn we must honor God and His word above all things. And adhere to the Ten Commandments.

I’ll write mre about Moses in the other books.

Any and all comments are alwayas welcomed and encouraged.

God bless.

Grace and Peace.



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Leadership Development.

Greetings everyone! One thing I hope to be involved with is leadership development for ministers, elders, deacons, and ministry leaders.

I will be doing some personal reading and what-not and hope to write several posts to help develop church leadership.

Please tell me what y’all think of this idea. And pointers too if you have any.

God bless.

Grace and Peace.


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The Dash

Greetings everyone! Sorry for not writing very much. I promise to do better.

Last week there was a funeral for a dear friend from church. This man had a heart of gold. He was always great to talk to. He was a great friend to me and my whole family. I enjoyed talking about football with him.

He was growing spritiually so much too. He will be dearly missed.

The room we were in at the funeral home was packed. This man certainly touched a lot of lives in a positive way.

As I have heard a few times, on every tombstone is the person’s name, the birth date, and the day of death with a dash in between. That dash means everything.  What is my dash going to mean? How will I be remembered? All of that is represented by the dash on my tombstone.

And how about you? How will you be remembered?

How we decide will effect the way we live our lives and have a direct affect of what our dash represents for those who know and love us.

Any and all comments and questions are welcomed and encouraged as always.

God bless.

Grace and Peace.


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What I’m thinking

Greetings Everyone! So sorry I didn’t post at all last week. I promise to do better this week.

There are four things on my mind.

First, I just watched a really cool video today. It is about a church’s vision to restore their city. The video is by a church in Memphis, TN called Sycamore View church of Christ. Check it out at www.sycamoreview.org/restore. My friend Jonathan Storment (view his blog at http://stormented.com) wrote blog post about it recently. The church were he serves in Abilene, TX and the Sycamore View church have caught the vision to restore their cities for God. Got to tell ya, that is totally awesome 🙂 May we all seek to restore the cities were we call home.

Second, a lot of college students are going back to school starting today. God bless each and every one of them as they get back in the school routine.

Third, there have been some things happening at church that have renewed my passion to be in ministry. There are a lot of hurting people out there, who need to know Jesus, need hope. I hope to be someone God can use to help those people.

And four, I saw one of my professors at Harding passed away last week. He was a great man, professor, preacher, mentor, etc. He will be missed by all who knew and loved him. May he rest in peace. And may the God of all comfort and peace give us all comfort and peace as we miss him.

Comments, questions, etc are always welcomed and encouraged as always.

God bless us all.

Grace and Peace.


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Greetings everyone! As we all know, in December we celebrated Christmas and last week New Year.

Two reflections. One, I realize we don’t know when Jesus Christ was born into the world. So many people I see act offended by the thought of Christmas being Jesus’ birthday. Whether we agree with it or not, lots of people are focused on Jesus during Christmas time. Yes, they focus on Jesus as a little baby. But what a great opportunity to describe to people who Jesus was born, but He also grows up, and wants to be your Lord and Savior.

Two, I remember hearing about a church or school that did a Christmas play some years ago. As we know, Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem looking for a room to spend the night. They are turned away and end up going to a stable, where Jesus is born. In this play, the inn manager turns Joseph and Mary away, because there was no room. As they were going away, the kid who played the inn manager said, “wait, come back”. Joseph and Mary go back to him and the kid tells them, “you can have my room”.

Obviously, that’s not what happened in the real story. But I wish it was. But I love that child for doing that.

My favorite Christian music group has a Christmas song called “While You Were Sleeping”. One line in the song says of Bethlehem, “you will go down in history as the city with no room for its King”.

I pray we will all make room in our lives and hearts for our King.

Comments, questions, etc are always welcomed and encouraged.

God bless us. Grace and Peace.


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Welcome To 2013

Greetings Everyone! I hope and pray everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I will start blogging on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedual again starting on Friday.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who reads this blog.

Here’s to a happy and  joyous 2013.

God bless.

Grace and Peace.


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