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Greetings readers! I recently finished reading One Dress, One Year by Bethany Winz.

Bethany found out about human trafficking at the age of 16 & wanted to do something to help stop it. After taking with her family & friends she decided to make a black dress & wear it for a whole year. She added different clothing every day to the dress to spruce it up a bit. She took a picture of herself & put it on her blog she made to keep family & friends informed of how things were going. She would then add a link to the website of different ministries that are dedicated to ending human trafficking.

She talked a lot about her personal highs & lows during the year. She talked about some Christian singers who wrote songs that impacted her that were dedicated to the cause too.

This book was excellent. It opened my eyes to the tragedy of human trafficking. It makes me wish I talked to people about my own dreams about campus ministry to see what I could & should be doing. It makes me think about a lot of stuff about dreams I have & lots of other things.

I highly recommend this wonderful book.

I received this book from Baker House Publishing. You can purchase the book from any bookstore or bakerbooks.com. Read about Bethany & all things she’s doing at her personal website bethanywinz.com.

Any & all comments, questions, etc are always welcomed & encouraged.

God bless. Grace & Peace.



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