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Greetings one and all! Yesterday, my classmates and I took our last final exam for the current school year. Now I just hope I passed everything 🙂 We are now done with the first year of the Sunset program. When we come back to school in August we’ll be second year students.
Today (Saturday) I will go home to Dallas with my parents. My Mom and Dad got in yesterday, and we plan to go back home today.
On June 9th through June 24th I plan on being in Cameroon, Central Africa for two and a half weeks. My group and I will be teaching the gospel using World Bible School materials. On July 4th through July 20 I plan to be in New York to help out with at Camp Hunt and check out a few churches and other areas for church planting.
Lord willing I will get to do all of that. I plan on leaving the computer at home when I leave on these trips. But will absolutely update on all my activities when I get back home.
I will miss my classmates while gone and will be praying for each of them while we are away from each other. I have missed all my family and friends and am very excited to see each of them.
Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me, financially supported me, sent me cards and letters, and been a friend and encouragement to me over all the years. I wouldn’t be here with out any of it. Thank you all so much for everything! Thank you from my heart to yours!
Can’t wait to see each of you very soon! Much love. God bless. Grace and Peace.


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Happy Memorial Day!

Greetings family and friends! I hope and pray everyone reading this is having an awesome Memorial Day! Some of my classmates and I had a cookout at a park here in Lubbock. It was a lot of fun! A few of them brought some friends and neighbors of theirs. So it it was great to get to meet them. Hopfully we can influence them to come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.
One of my friends and I met at the Sunset church building and drove over there. When he and I drove back to the building we listened to a great Christian song on the Christian radio station here. I can’t remember the name of the writer or what the song was called, but the words are very powerful! Especially the words to the chorus. The chorus goes like this, “My Savior loves! My Savior lives! My Savior’s always there for me! My God He was! My God He is! My God is always gonna be”! And it repeats those words about 3 or 4 times. If any one knows who sings that song, write me on the comments page. I love that song! It drives me to tears every time.
I talked to a few of my classmates at the cookout and they all have plans to travel on mission trips this summer. Two couples are going to India. One family is going to Brazil. A few others are going to Australia. And several others have plans of going to internships. Please be praying for us in our travels this summer as we go out to preach and teach. Please be praying for the AIM students today. One team impreticularly is going to their mission field in Leon, Mexico. Please pray for them to have a great experience there as they work with the mission team in Leon. I think the AIM team going to Salt Lake City, Utah arrived there a few days ago. Another team headed to the Mexico City area leaves July 15. I am not sure about the others. Please pray for all of them, that God will be with them as they work with the missionaries in their respective places.
Please be praying for those who just graduated from Sunset that God will use them powerfully in the churches that they are going to preach for and what not. Several of them formed mission teams and will come back to Lubbock to go through Advanced Missions at Sunset starting in August and going through December. Please pray for them.
Please pray for the new AIMers that will move to Lubbock to start AIM. And for those who will move to Lubbock to start at the school of preaching.
And finally please be praying for my classmates and I as we start our final exams this week. Thank you all so much!
I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the love and support I have received all of my life.
See you all in a week! Happy Memorial Day! God bless. Grace and Peace.

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This book Hero: Becoming The Man She Desires is co-authored by Fred Stoeker and his son Jasen Stoeker. Fred is the author of Every Man’s Battle, Every Young Man’s Battle, and numerous other titles along the same subjects.

I absolutely loved this book! Hero follows on the heals of Every Man’s Battle and Tactics. This book is about setting boundries in yourself and in your relationships, especially dating relationships. Fred told how his father had been living to gratify himself sexually and that Fred himself was living to do the same. He said how he had done so until he made the decision to stop the tide. I can’t remember if he was involved in that lifestyle when he got married or not. His marriage is lasting and loving now, and that is applaudable!

This book says how Fred’s oldest son Jasen started living a disciplined lifestyle from the start of his teen years. Jasen had set up good godly guidelines from the start well before he had dating relationships with any girl. His lifestyle choices had led him to a great godly woman with whom he is now very happily married to. Most of this book is a journal of Jasen’s and his wife Rose’s thoughts and prayers their hopes, dreams, and desires well before they even met each other through their dating relationship, and into their wedding day. This book is also a tribute to their commitment to purety through out their lives into their marriage.

This book has sixteen chapters and 217 pages. Chapter one is called Victory. It is about Jasen’s and Rose’s  first commitment to sexual purity and the beauty of their wedding day.

Chapter two is called Baal and surveys the Old Testament and how God’s people so easily feel into sexual sin with worshiping this vile idol. Fred also draws in application to today in how the American society is falling into the idol of sex.

Chapter three is about idols as well and how easily the American society has made sex and everything tempting into sexual idolatry.

Chapter four is about how our society and our inability to control these desires and gratifications. It’s also more sad that so many fill their hearts and minds with sexual images. That definetly has to have a lot to do with the temptations and desires to fulfill their sexual desires after that.

Chapter five is about how even brethren get caught up in all of this too.

Chapter six is about all the pain all of this stuff can cause in our lives and our relationships.

Chapter seven is about disappointing (and even betraying) the girl that we’re pursuing because we get caught up in gratifying desires we should have never have been having in the first place.

Chapter eight discusses a woman’s needs.

In chapter nine we learn about a woman’s desires.

Chapter ten talks about making the decision to stop living in sin, setting and maintaining bounderies in our lives and relationships. It’s about looking for women who are living by these boundaries themselves and gaining the respect of the other.

Chapter eleven talks about how living right in these respects will bring about respect on both sides mutually for the other.

Chapter twelve is about picking and chosing women who live by your standards and ask that they live by yours.

Chapter thirteen is about running away from situations when she will not abide by your wishes for purity.

The fourteenth chapter is about not having fear but trusting in God to bring you the right mate at just the right time.

The fifteenth chapter is about doing hard things (the book by Alex Harris and Bret Harris ) and doing what God requires us to be doing.

And the sixteenth chapter is about how to live this lifestyle that God requires us to live by.

This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. No matter if your single and never married. Or in a dating relationship. Engaged. Married. God designed the sexual experience for the guidelines of marriage and no other place. God bless us all as we strive to live God-honoring lives.

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Greetings everyone! I have heard a few people at Sunset say that missionaries on support should be sending little posts every week saying how they are doing. I am going to do better at this from now on. We have two weeks left of school. This week is classes. The seniors are graduating on Saturday. A few of them will be leaving Lubbock to go work for churches as ministers and youth ministers. Some others are going to work on more education in various fields. Most of them have formed mission teams already and are going to stay in Lubbock and go through the Advenced Missions department at Sunset International Bible Institute. That is really exciting! The Missions department at Sunset says this is the largest class they have ever had for Advanced Missions. Also, I have heard there is a large number of those who are enrolling for the first year of the School of Preaching. And a large class coming in for Adventures in Missions (AIM) this fall as well. Exciting and challenging times at Sunset!

Most of you know about my summer plans. Lord willing I will go to Cameroon, Central Africa to teach the gospel using World Bible School material. I’m really excited about that! Also I’m planning on going to New York for a few weeks as well (July 4th through July 20th) to help work at Camp Hunt and check out a few places that might be looking for a minister or extra minister. I am thinking my real calling is State-side church planting. My goal, hope, and prayer is to accomplish that in a college community. I am thinking and praying about places in the Northeast and other places in the United States. 

In closing I just want to ask for prayers for my classmates and I to our first year strong. Please pray for us while we are traveling. For safety. For open doors for when we’re preaching and teaching we’ll be talking to people who are searching for more meaning in their lives and searching for God.

One last thing, I probably won’t take my laptop to Cameroon nor New York. I am very nervous about forgetting it there and most likely won’t see it again. So I probably won’t take it with me. But I do promise to post about the trips as soon as possible after getting back home from each of the trips.

Thank you all for your support, prayers, thoughts, emails, and for everything y’all do for me. I would not be where I am today without it. Thank you all from my heart to yours.

I’m making an effort to email more often from now on. Thanks again! God bless. Grace and Peace.

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Greetings one and all! I meant to write this at this time last week. Sorry about that. Things at the Sunset church has been really good. The preaching team had been preaching through Philippians on Sunday mornings. The Bible classes had been going through the Psalms. At the end of the month we started a new series on the Twelve Apostles. Our classes in school are going really well. We are learning so much. Loving it! The last week of April up to the start of May we had Research Week. I got a lot done during that week. Got a lot done on a paper we have to wright about Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage. Got a lot done on a project we have to do in our Biblical Theology of Missions class. Those are the main things I worked on, and got a lot done. I was proud for that. I’m really excited about going to Cameroon for a couple of weeks and to New York for a couple of weeks this summer. And I’m most excited about spending all the time I can with my family and friends at church.
I’m excited about the possibilities for ministry in the Northeast or West Coast. What I hope most for is to go where the population is large, it’s still growing, and there are few churches. I hope to focus on campus ministry and/or singles ministry.
Before I sign off a HUGE thank you to all my dear family and friends for all the love, support, and prayers.
I’ll be sure to write my May newsletter before going to Cameroon. We’ll be flying to Paris, France and spend the day and night there before going to Cameroon to work. I’m really excited about this trip. I’ve never been to Paris before. I’m mostly excited about getting to go back to Cameroon and seeing and working with our lovely brethren there.
I’ll be sure to write my next newsletter before going on that trip. Again, thank you all so much! Lots of love and prayers! God bless. Grace and Peace.

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Top 5 …

Greetings everyone! I have seen several people on Facebook doing their top 5 favorite sports teams, top 5 most disliked sports teams, the 5 places where you have lived, 5 places you would most like to live, and so forth.
So, here are a few of my top 5s.
Top 5 favorite professional sports teams:
1. Dallas Mavericks.
2. Texas Rangers.
3. Dallas Stars.
4. Pittsburg Steelers.
Top 5 college teams:
1. Oklahoma Sooners.
2. Kansas Jayhawks.
3. Texas Tech Red Raiders.
4. Florida Gators.
5. Virginia Tech Hokies.
Top 5 most disliked professional sports teams:
1. New York Yankees.
2. Dallas Cowboys.
3. LA Lakers.
4. Detroit Red Wings.
5. San Francisco Giants.
Top 5 most disliked college sports teams:
1. Miami Hurricans.
2. USC Trojans.
3. LSU Tigers.
4. Michigan Wolvereins (spelling error?).
5. Texas Longhorns.
5 places were I have lived:
1. Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.
2. Plano, TX.
3. Searcy, AR.
4. Lubbock, TX.
5. Glasgow, Scotland.
More top 5 loved sports teams:
1. Boston Red Sox.
2. Saint Louis Cardnals.
3. San Diego Padres.
4. San Antonio Spurs.
5. Buffalo Bills (dispite the fact that they acquired Terrell Owens- don’t like the guy).
More top 5 favorite college sports teams:
1. Duke Blue Devils.
2. UNC Tar Heels.
3. Auburn Tigers.
4. Alabama Crimson Tide.
5. Penn State Nittney Lions.
What are some of your favorites in these areas? If you have more than five, that’s OK too. Add more at the end or whenever.
I’ll write about what happened in April tomorrow. So please stay tuned in for that. Thanks! God bless you all! Grace and Peace.

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