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Greetings everyone! I recently subscribed to a blog about campus ministry and have regained a growing passion for this ministry.

His name is Matt Mccomas. His blog is mattmccomas.com. The past several posts he has written on six major cities in the United States and one in Canada. Each city has a population in the millions. And hundreds and thousands of college students on multiple campuses. I hope and pray the Lord has people and churches in each of those cities who are actively ministering on each of those campuses. And that each of those college students will get the chance to hear about Jesus

I am still actively pursuing starting a campus ministry with my home church in the Dallas area with the help of a dear Brother.

May all of God’s people actively minister to a college student today.

God bless you all.
Grace and Peace.



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Greetings one and all. For the past several weeks I have been reading Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn’s revised copy of For Men Only.

This book is excellent! Highly recommend it.

The book is about the inner workings of a woman’s mind. This book will help men understand the woman in his life. It gives men the codes to the seemingly crazy things women do that men don’t understand.

The first chapter says if a woman does something a man doesn’t understand, there is always a reason. It is up to the man to dig it up.

The second chapter tells men when a woman says “I do”, it asks the question, “do you?” and what he can do about it.

The third chapter is a road map of the female mind.

Chapter four is about breaking the code for things girls do that guys don’t get.

The fifth chapter is about how a man’s protector/provider instinct hurts a woman.

Chapter six talks about how a woman feels about the problem is her first priority, and why it should be her man’s too.

In chapter seven the authors talk about why a woman says “no” to sex.

Chapter eight talks about the little girl that still lives in every woman.

And chapter nine talks about what women wished her man knew about her.

The thing that really stands about to me from this book is the last few pages. When the authors shared women wanted their man to know how much they loved and admired her man, and he is her hero.

If I could give an engaged couple any amount of advice, I would tell them to read For Men Only and For Women Only. These books will positively change a lot of marriages.

God bless you all.

Grace and Peace.


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