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Delegating Responsibility

Greetings everyone :} First of all, I apologize for not posting in so long. A lot has gone on since my last post. A lot of thoughts have come into my mind to write about.

One of the biggest things was something I read in a book that was required reading for our Christian Counseling course. The book is called Telling Yourself The Truth by Drs William Backus and Marie Chapian. The book is about lies we tell ourselves about ourselves or about any number of different circumstances in our lives. The authors call these lies “misbeliefs”. One of the chapters is on “The Misbelief in Being Indispensible”. The authors talk about a couple who lived in and ministered in an inner city context. This couple ran a very well running and effective ministry with inner city teens. They ran a soup kitchen kinda thing that helped keep a lot of kids out of trouble and helped a lot more teens get out of drugs, gangs, and a host of other troubling situations. A lot of these teens helped them serve the food in this ministry. But the couple were the ones who counseled in each and every situati0n, they taught Bible studies, set up, cleaned up, and everything else. They didn’t recruit any one else to help them with the ministry, delegated no responsibilty to no one else. They took no vacation time and hardly took anytime off to relax.

Eventually the wife of the couple got sick real bad, and troubles poped up in their marriage. It wasn’t long until this couple lost their ministry they poured their heart and soul into. They felt they were the only ones qualified to do the work. No else would love and care for these teens like they did. The only ones who could do this ministry was them.

But it is impossible for one or two people to do the work of that magnitude all by themselves. You have to enlist help. I can think of three different people in the Bible who delegated reponsibilty responsibly. One is Moses in the book of Exodus 18:1-26. When he was appointed judge over all Israel, he started out doing good well in it. No doubt it didn’t take long before he was running himself wragged. He was telling his father-in-law Jethro about all of this. Jethro advized him to get a team around him he could delegate his responsibilites to and he could adize them inĀ  the tough cases. He did, and all of Israel was better off for it.

A second example is Jesus. He recruited the twelve disciples whom He trained to go out and evangelize the world after He left the world and went back to heaven. Jesus also enlisted the seventy two who healed and ministered to a lot of people.

And a third example is Paul who recruited a whole team he traveled around with doing mission work and planting churches all around the world. And he recruited Timothy, Titus, and others whom he placed in some of those churches to preach, teach, and minister to, as well as appoint elders and deacons.

It is imparitive for leaders to recruit able and capable people around them whom they can pour themselves into and delegate responsibility to. If he doesn’t, he’ll run himself too thin and burn him self out. Then who will do what he so ferverishly did for so long?

I have decided wherever I end up going after Sunset, I will recruit a team around me to train to do what ever it is I was hired to do. Once my requirements of the church have been completed and I move on to another work, there will be people already there who are well trained and qualified to carry on that work.

Thank you everyone for reading what I had to say. Any comments? Questions? Anything else? Thanks! God bless. Grace and Peace :}


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