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Greetings everyone! I just finished reading Andy Stanley’s new book The New Rules For Love, Sex, & Dating. The book is broken down to an introduction, ten chapters (1. The Right Person Myth; 2. Commitment is Overrated; 3. Becoming The Right Person; 4. So Becoming; 5. Love is; 6. The Gentlemen’s Club; 7. The Way Forward; 8. The Talk; 9. Designer Sex; & 10. If I Were You), a conclusion & 182 pages.
In this book Stanley breaks down the Right Person myth in chapter 1. This is the myth that says, if I marry the right person everything will be A OK (p 22). All throughout the book Stanley urges us to “become the person the person your looking for is looking for” (p 172 among others).
In chapter 2, Stanley talks about the importance of preparing to commit to a relationship. Just like any career move, you must prepare for it. Going to school, reading books, talking to people about things related to what you want to do, etc. Preparation is the key to success in most, if not all things in life.
In chapter 3 Stanley talks about focusing on becoming the right person rather then looking for the right person. When we start to do this, we’ll need to make hard decisions on doing somethings & not doing some others.
In chapter 4 we look more into what we should be doing & what we shouldn’t in becoming the right person. Doing good things & turning away from others. Making wise decisions in both cases.
In chapter 5 we see what love is & what it isn’t. Stanley takes a very insightful look at 1st Corinthians 13, the love chapter. First Corinthians 13 says what love does, & what it doesn’t.
Chapter 6 talks about what true gentlemen do, how they act, etc. It should be required reading for any guy who wants to date. Its 1 of my favorite chapters. Very insightful.
The seventh chapter talks about how us guys can act like gentlemen moving forward, & other positive-forward moving decisions.
In chapter 8, read about “the talk”. Its the talk about sex, about relationships, about a lot of different things.
Chapter 9 talks about sex & all the different facsets it takes. Sex isn’t just physical. It encompasses all of life. Sex is damaging to those who engage in sexual activities before marriage & who have extra-marital affairs. It can wreck lives: our own, & our spouse inpreticular.
In chapter 10 Stanley issues challenge to not engage in dating, or sex, or anything of their nature for 1 calender year from the date of your decision. This will detox our selves from these acts. It forces us to truly give ourselves to becoming the right person, to becoming the person the person we’re looking for is looking for.
The conclusion ties in everything beautifully.
I highly recommend this book to all parents, teens, youth ministers, anyone involved in middle school & high school education, or anyone concerned about young people to buy & read this book.
I received this book from North Point Publishing (andystanley.com) in exchange for this review.
As always, your thoughts or questions, or whatever is on your mind are welcomed & encouraged.
God bless. Grace and Peace.


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