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Greetings one and all! Sorry for not writing in so long. I promise to do better at that.

Nearing the end of the Sacrifices. I’ll write on the Fellowship Offering today and on the Red Heifer Sacrifice next time.

The Fellowship Offering is in Leviticus 7:11-21. This sacrifice is made with yeast, mixed with oil, and wafers. It is to be presented to the Lord with thankfulness along with a cake of bread made without yeast. With this sacrifice, like the others, an animal must be killed and the blood sprinkled on the alter.

With the food, it must all be eaten. If any of it is left, it must be burned up. If any one eats what is left over, he must be cut off from the Lord’s people. And if anyone unholy eats of the sacrifices, he must be cut off from His people.

The OT shows sin is most serious and the punishment is harsh. Praise God we have Jesus who takes our punishment for us.

Thank you all for reading today. Until next time. God bless.


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Greetings everyone! I hope and pray all is well with each of you.

The next sacrifice in our study is the grain offering in Leviticus 2. In verse one, we are told, the individual is to bring fine flour and pour oil along with incense on it. In verse two, he is to bring it to the priest. The priest is then to take the flour, oil, and incense and burn it as a sacrifice on the alter. It is a fire sacrifice, making an aroma that is pleasing to the Lord. Whatever is left over belongs to the priest.

The rest of the chapter talks about making the grain offering in an oven or cooked in a pan.

No matter what though, it is to be made with no yeast and offered to the Lord with fire. It is a holy offering made to our holy God. It is a representation of the first fruits of our labor, a tithe representing all we have and all we are. When this is done, it makes everything holy.

More on sacrifices next week. Thank you all for reading me today. God bless. Grace and Peace.

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Starting this month a lot of the AIMers from the class of 2009 will be leaving their mission fields and going back home. This is a very surreal feeling. I have had it myself. It can be a happy time, because your excited to see your family and friends you haven’t seen in so long. And sad, because your leaving the people you have grown so close to over the 14 months you have been working with side by side (your team, the church, and community where you lived). Culture shock is pretty much expected when you leave the culture you know the best and move to a culture you don’t know at all. Every one expects that and takes every precaution necessary to work with and alleviate it as much as possible. But no one expects reverse culture shock. It is worse then culture shock. Leaving the culture you grew to love so much is hard enough, but when you go home you expect everything to be as it was when you left home. Now you are back, everything and everyone has changed. That is the hardest part. But don’t forget, you have changed too. Everyone’s worldview has changed. Commitment to God and His people has changed. Everything for you and those you love has changed. Adjusting to those changes in yourself and those you know and love can be hard. I ask everyone to pray for the AIMers who are going back home and for those who are staying where they are, as they keep the work going.

A special emphasis on two families I know of who have spent years on the mission field in Mexico. One of the families spent 19 years in Mexico. The other, close to 10 years. Both of these families are in my thoughts and prayers as they have an even greater challenge a head of them concerning reverse culture shock. These families have children now of various ages. Please be praying for them.

Please be praying for all missionaries around the world. But please don’t forget you yourself are a missionary wherever you may be. Every Christian is a missionary.

I’ll write about the sacrificial system in tomorrow’s blog. So please stay tuned for that.

Have a grand day today. God bless. Grace and Peace.

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God Loves The Weak

Greetings everyone! The following is something I have been thinking about and wanted to share it with you. I would love to know what you all think of this as well, so please share your thoughts in the comments section.

I remember hearing a story about a preacher who in the middle of his sermon stopped and asked his church to pray for him because he was struggling with something. After the worship assembly was over that day the elders met and fired the preacher. Fired? Yes, fired.

Makes we wonder how that preacher felt, and if he ever shared anything like that with anyone else ever again. That is defineitly a sad story.

The good news is Jesus isn’t like that. The prophet Isaiah prophesied that Jesus would never break a bruised read nor snuff out a struggling spark on a candle (Isa. 42:3). Jesus promises to be with and protect His little children, the young in the faith, and those who are struggling in their faith.

The Apostle Paul puts flesh and bones on this concept when he writes Romans chapters 14 and 15. In Romans 14, Paul tells those who think they are “strong” to treat those who disagree with them as the “weak” brethren and actively seek reconciliation. In chapter 15 Paul tells them (in verse 1) “we who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves…” We aren’t supposed to let them have their way about everything, but to educate them in the right ways in the Lord (Acts 18:26). And all throughout 1st Corinthians this seems to be Paul’s theme in that letter. He was constantly teaching them and instructing them in the right way. Paul had to keep on telling them they can’t take brethren to court in front of unbelievers (, not to force weaker brethren to defile their sense of right and wrong by eating meat that had been sacrificed to idols (ch 8), and so forth. He told them how they were to behave in worship (ch 11), to respect others and their spiritual gifts (ch 12), how to love each other (ch 13), different gifts and tongue speaking (ch 14), and so forth. Paul treated them as the weaker brethren in his instruction. He did it with gentleness and respect for them. He strongly advised them to do likewise to themselves and to others.

We should believe the best in others, that any misbehavior is just weakness. I love the Lord of the Ring trilogy. In the first movie (The Fellowship of the Ring) Boromire shows so much of his strength and his weakness. He showed strength in defending Merry and Pippin when the enemy attacks them trying to find Frodo and the ring. He defended them and was killed while he was defending them. Boromire showed his weakness in trying so hard to take the ring from Frodo. But one of the lasting images I have of Fellowship of the Ring is Boromire laying there dieing and Aragorne talking with him. As Aragorne promised him he wouldn’t let their people die or kingdom fail. And Boromire said “I would have followed you, my brother, my captain, my king”. Boromire got a bad rap as a bad guy in the LOFR movies. But it was just a weakness he had to battle.

We are all weak in various areas in our lives. We need to seek God and others to help us overcome those areas in our lives.

But please never ever forget this one thing: God loves the weak. And so should we.

Comments? Please share your thoughts. Thanks for your attention. God bless. Grace and Peace.

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Greetings everyone! This is the next installment of this series on the Sacrificial System. This is the burnt offering. You can read about it in Leviticus chapter 1. In this offering you can go about it in one of two ways. Verses 3 and 10 say you can your sacrifice from the herd (v 3) or from the flock (v 10). But it had to be an unblemished first born male lamb. {Being the first born is significant, because it represents all you are and all you have.Giving a tenth of all we have (thus, the tithe) is also a representation of Old Testament sacrifices.} The sacrifice had to be presented to the high priest (in the time of Leviticus, the high priest was Aaron and all of his sons) at the temple. Then it would be deemed an acceptable sacrifice to the Lord. You then had to put your hand(s) on the head of lamb to transfer your sins onto the sacrifice. Then you had to kill it and drain out its blood into a bowl that the priest is holding. When all the blood is in the bowl, the high priest will sprinkle the blood on the horns of the alter.

At this point the killed animal would be skinned, the fat taken out, and all of it put on the alter. Then the alter would be set on fire and burn the sacrificial animal along with the fat. Burning the fat is also significant. The fat was representable of holiness and belonged to the Lord. It was to be given exclusively to Him.

Thinking about the New Testament, this sacrifice helps me think of giving. To me the concept of giving is a New Testament command, and tithing (ie, the giving of ten percent of your earnings) is a great place to start off at. Now I know its not a New Testament command of how much we are to give, but ten percent is a great place to begin. When we are able to give more, then give more. To give the tithe is the best beginning point. That’s my opinion.

What do you, the people think of all this? Comments? Questions? Anything at all?

Thank you all for your attention. God bless. Grace and Peace.

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Greetings everyone! So sorry I haven’t written in so long. I’ll write about one of the Levitical Sacrifices tomorrow. Today I wanted to write and ask everyone to pray for the students who are involved in the AIM (Adventure in Missions) students who are all around the globe serving as apprentice missionaries. There are AIM students serving in Troy, NY; Salt Lake City, UT; Leon, Mexico; Guadalajara, Mexico; Mexico City; Prato, Italy; East Skill Bride, Scotland and many other places all around the globe.  Please be praying for them everyday, but especially on Wednesdays, because Wednesday is the day Sunset International Bible Institute and Sunset Church of Christ has made covenant with AIM to pray for them. The AIM program is special to me, because I went through the program myself and make it a point to pray for the AIMers. One of their chief sayings is “AIM to preach the gospel”. And of course once an AIMer, always an AIMer, so please pray for the scores and scores of those who went through the program in the past, that they may continue AIMing to be like Jesus. And please pray for those who will start AIM in the Fall.

May we all AIM to be like Jesus.  I’ll write again tomorrow. God bless. Grace and Peace.

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Greetings everyone! The following is something I have thought about the past few days. Please give me feedback on what you think of this.

I think just about everyone as tuned in to the sports world as I am has heard that Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Dewayne Wade, Dirk (my favorite player), A’mare, etc have been talking to so many different NBA teams the past few days. These guys are amongst the biggest and best free agent class in NBA history. I bet every team in the NBA (plus there fans) would love to have any number of these guys to come and play for their team. But each of them can sign them. Each of them must choose (and some already have) which team they will play for next NBA season. And how many seasons they will play for them.

This got me thinking. God wants everyone in the world to follow Him and His Son Jesus. Satan wants everyone to follow him and the world  too. We all must choose who we will f0llow. Can we really devote ourselves wholly and truly to Jesus and His lordship and think of others before ourselves? Or are we going to follow Satan and take part in worldly desires.

Ephesians and Romans both talk extensively about predestination. All of that means is God wants all of us to follow Jesus. He desires ALL of humankind to be devoted to Him. But we must choose to follow Him. We have to make that choice. He won’t make us. It has to be a conscious decision on our part to follow Jesus.

Who will you follow?

Please give me feedback on this. What do you think about this? Thanks! God bless you all. Grace and Peace.

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