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What I Have Been Learning

Greetings one and all. I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in so long. I have been really busy, but that is no excuse. I will do better. My plan is to blog at least once every week from now on. We have been learning so much this semester.

One thing that has really impacted me is that God wants us all to be out there making disciples. In Luke’s gospel chapter five verses one through eleven we read about Jesus teaching from Simon Peter’s boat. After Jesus finishes, He asks Simon Peter and Andrew to go out to the deap and let down the nets for a catch. But Simon and Andrew had just spent the previous night trying to catch finish and had nothing to show for it. But they do so and had the greatest catch they had ever gotten. They got so much finish they had to call James and John (their bussiness partners) to come and help them. They all got so many fish in their boats that they began to sink. Simon Peter was so surprised he told Jesus to go away, because he was such a sinful man. But Jesus said He could help them fish for men.

In Matthew 28:18-20, we have what we often refer to as the Great Commission. Here Jesus declaires to have ALL authority in heaven and earth. Further He gives all those who follow Him our marching orders: to go into ALL the world making disciples, baptizing them into His name, and teaching them to observe and obey everything He has commanded us. And He has promised to be with us to the very end. These are very comforting words.

In this mission God gave us we all have a part to play. One might have the gift of befriending. This one might make delicious food for friends and neighbors and that will open the door for another to teach that one the gospel. And their are many more gifts we all might have. The point is, we all need to be doing our part to fulfill the Lord’s marching orders: to go and make disciples.

Thank you all for your attention. God bless you all. Grace and Peace.


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