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Check This Out!

Greetings everyone! I hope and pray everyone is having a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year.
I checked out James Nored’s blog(jamesnored.blogspot.com)
and checked a new website he set up. It is:missionionaloutreachcommunity.com. I love these sites! Check them out and you’ll see why I like them. You can find out about the groups you can join to learn about different parts of the world and country.

I also like Dwight Whitsett’s blogs (dwhitset.wordpress.com and missionsouthpacific.wordpress.com). Dwight is an instructor at Sunset and former missionary to Australia. His blogs are about ministry and especially to the South Pacific islands.

Lastly, check out the following sites by Brian Mclaren (brianmclaren.net, deepshift.org, everythingmustchange.org, and emergentvillage.org). Mr. Mclaren isn’t a member of the churches of Christ. I like him, because he is big into reaching out to moderns and post-moderns.

If any of these sites are in error, please let me know and I’ll correct it. Thank you!

When your time allows, please check these sites out and take in some good reading. God bless! Grace and Peace.


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Hello there everyone! I am so sorry I haven’t written this until now. Been a busy start to the month. The current school semester is drawing to a close this week. Starting Wednesday afternoon we have final exams for our classes. Then we have Christmas and New Years break for 3 weeks. Horray! I miss my family and friends a ton! Can’t wait to see and visit with you all during the break! On January 11th school starts up again with all new classes.
Let me see, what all has happened during November? I think I am coming out of a shell and talking to people about Jesus and asking them if they would like to study the Bible. We wrote a paper on who we thought the angel of the Lord is. That was a really interesting study. We are learning how to organize sermons and deliver them more effectively in Homiletics. We are learning a lot about family dynamics, marriage, careers, and raising children in Christian Home. Learning a ton about Greek. We are learning a ton this semester. This month (December) things are starting to draw to a close. On December 20th Katie, Jacob, Allie, and I will drive back to Dallas. It will be tons of fun to see and chat with as many family and friends as possible. A lot has happened already this month. I’ll have to wait until January to write about all of that for the December newsletter.
Thank you all so much for all of your support (both financial and prayers). I couldn’t be here with out you all. Thank you all again. God bless. Grace and Peace.

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