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Greetings one and all. So sorry once again for the period of time in between blog posts. I promise to be better at blogging more frequently.

In the newest Sports Illustrated a writer wrote about the tornado that ripped through Tuscaloosa, AL in late April, 2011. I read the article and looked at the pictures. I’m sure the pictures don’t adequately tell the tale of how bad the situation is there. Even with that, the pictures were horrifying and literally took my breath away.

I read of how a few of the University of Alabama’s sports players who lived off the University’s campus lost their homes. There were several others who lost their homes. A few lost family members, friends, or teammates. Several were injured. All the photos and stories were just horrible. I was absolutely captured in the stories. My heart goes out to everyone there.

A few of the University’s coaches encouraged their players to help out in helping rescue those trapped in the rubble, to passing out food and water, to listen to people’s stories, or help out in any way they can.

The football coach said Alabama sports will serve as a form of therapy for the residents of Tuscaloosa. Being a rabid sports fan myself, I can testify that sports is pretty soothing and relaxing. But sports can only do so much. Sports can be a sort of escape only for a few hours. As a Christian, I know true comfort comes through following Jesus. Jesus has said we are to store up treasures in heaven by teaching people about Him, by giving our time or money to heavenly endeavors, and make payments of various ways in our heavenly bank accounts, as it were.

As Christians, we know there is more then this life. Those who give their lives to the Lord Jesus will spend the life to come (eternity) with Him. Those who follow Him are called to live by faith. I hope and pray this tragedy will cause people to turn to God and put their faith in Him.

We have a lot of brethren in Tuscaloosa, AL. I hope and pray each of them are safe and healthy. And our brethren elsewhere where tornadoes , flooding, or whatever natural disasters have occurred will rise up and help their communities in a way no one else can. What an opportunity they have to be ministers of reconciliation.

May the God of all peace and comfort give peace and comfort to those who are suffering from their losses. Whether it be loss of home, family, friends, or whomever.

No doubt no one affected by this tragedy will ever be the same again. I hope and pray this draws us all closer to the God of all comfort and peace.

May God bless us all. Grace and Peace.


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Greetings everyone! I am so sorry I haven’t blogged in such a long time. I promise to do better.

A while ago one of my SIBI classmates (and a dear friend) sent an audio clip of a sermon the late Richard Rodgers had preached. In this audio clip Mr Rodgers preached that Jesus is the ruler of all the earth. What does that mean?

That means that no earthly authority can tell our Lord or His people that we can’t bring the gospel of Jesus into their nation and proclaim Him there. The only reason why we haven’t gone into every nation and city in this world isn’t because Jesus hadn’t commanded us to go to certain places. The Great Commission says to go to the WHOLE WORLD and make disciples, does it not. The only reason we haven’t gone out over all the earth is because of the lack of faith of the army.

This means Jesus cancels out any edict that goes against His holy and divine will. Jesus is the King and is Lord!

I have listened to that audio clip several times, and i get goose-bumps every single time.

God bless you all.

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