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A Few Reflections

Greetings one and all :} Two weeks ago we completed another semester at Sunset International Bible Institute. This past week we had Spring Break. I was VERY blessed to spend it at home. The break went by way too fast. I love every moment I can spend with my family! Tomorrow (March 21st) we start our the last semester of the school year. On Mondays and Wednesdays we’ll have Timothy and Titus (I took this class for credit in the extension school, so I will audit the course) in the morning, and Wisdom Literature in the after noon. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we’ll have Congregational Ministry (track course) in the morning and Revelation in the afternoon. On Fridays we’ll have 2nd Corinthians. Our preaching lab (Mondays through Thursdays) will be Special Events Preaching. We’ll be learning and practicing how to do weddings and funerals.  It should be an exciting semester filled with lots of learning.  My classmates and I should graduate on May 22nd. These two years have gone by way too fast.

On that note, I don’t really know where I will be going after finishing up at Sunset. Wherever I go I hope to be involved in community and/or college outreach; working with young professionals and singles; or member and new convert involvement in the life of the church. The young adult demographic has become a passion of mine in the past few years. I would love the opportunity to work along side college students, young adults in the work force, young families, and singles. I want to do a little personal research to discover the city or county with the largest population of this demographic. Anyone out there have any ideas, or know good websites that would have this information? Also, please check out Joshua Graves’ web page (joshuagraves.com I believe). He has written three outstanding blog posts on the young adults demographic. I read all three of them earlier today. They are all very well written and fanned into flame my desire to work with this demographic and see many of them converted to Jesus and become intregal parts of the church.

And on a third note, I’m in a bit of morning since yesterday evening. My Kansas Jayhawks got beat in the NCAA Tournament yesterday. All I can do is shruge (however you spell that) my shoulders. We played great! But the other team was just a little bit better. I gotta tip my hat to Northern Iowa. They were always a step ahead of Kansas. I was hoping Kansas could go all the way and win the Tournament this year. Oh well. Maybe next year. Now I’m pulling for Duke. Go Blue Devils!

In closing, in future posts, I will talk about the classes we have most recently completed (and hopfully passed). Thank you all for your prayers and support. God bless you all. Grace and Peace.


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Greetings everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since I have written a blog post. I intend to right about the recently completed semester in a day or two. In this blog post I am righting a review over Alex Harris’ and Brett Harris’ newest book Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are.

This book is a very fitting squal to their first book Doing Hard Things. That book was about teens fighting against low expectations and using their teen years to figure out what they want to do in their lives.

This book is really practicle in nature. The Harris twins want us to start to think concretely about our interrests and passions in our lives. Then they suggest taking those passions and find something you can do for God. Find godly people in your life to bounce ideas off about what you would like to do. Figure out what steps you need to be taking now to get you ready for the big task.

The book has ten chapters and total pages of main text. The first chapter is an introduction to the book. Chapter two is about figuring out what your passions and desires are in your life and taking those first steps in doing something hard. Chapter three talks about thinking of ideas and talking it over with your parents or a respected mentor in your life. When the idea is in place, they can help you develop a plan on how to get it done. Developing steps to get you ready for the big project, how to get a plan together once you are ready to get to it. The fourth chapter is about managing your time and whatnot once you do get started. This is important, because while you should do what you have set out to do, don’t forget about and neglect your other reponsibilities. Those are important too. So don’t forget about them. In chapter five, we learn we can’t forget about God and developing a good and solid spiritual life at all times in our lives. God must come first in all things. When we do that, all other things will fall into place. The sixth chapter is about staying focused in the middle of doing your hard thing. Remember to stay focused and remember God and those who are working along side you in this hard thing. In chapter seven, we see we need guts when we must move against the crowd. Chapter eight is about how you feel after you and team have completed the project. Is it OK to feel those things? Can you take a break and celebrate?  Should you aim to do something else after that? How long should you wait? All of these things are discussed here. In chapter nine, they right about a guy and a girl who took on hard projects and how they used all the practicle advice in this book. They each went through it all. They had success because they had staying power and trusted in God to see them through to the end. And chapter ten was a great conclusion to the whole book. Starting a revolution is like making it rain. Revolutions are like that. No one expects a little wind to make a bit of differnce. No one thinks one rain drop is going to do anything. But then more and more people start doing it, and then before you know it, you have a flood.

This book was curtesy of Multnomah Books publishing company in Colorado Springs, CO. Go to the company website at http://waterbrookmultnomah.com and order a copy. Alex and Brett have their own personal webpage at http://therebelution.com. They are on facefook at facebook.com/dohardthings; on twitter at twitter.com/therebelution; and on myspace at myspace.com/dohardthings.

Thanks for reading my take on the book. It is really good :} Go get yourself one. God bless. Grace and Peace.

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