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Welcome Allie Jae Herbold

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been so neglectful on my blog writings. On Wednesday night last week Katie went into the hospital. On Thursday morning at 2:30 AM she gave birth to my second neice Allie Jae Herbold. She is absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to get to know her and see her grow up! Katie and Jacob live here in Lubbock. In fact I am living with them now. I’ll include the home address in another blog. Katie’s and my parents are in town right now. Our sister, neice, brother and sister in law were in town, but they had to go back to Dallas. We miss them already. Can’t wait to see them for Thanksgiving!

I really miss home! I miss all of my family and everyone at church too. I am already praying for God’s direction for where He will want to send me. I have been going to a few missions interest lunchs here at school and learning about different countries. I have become a home body of sorts. I don’t want to go so far from home that I can’t get back in a some what reasonable amount of time. I really want to stay in the US. If God calls me to leave my family, friends, and home it will be extremely hard. Sometimes God calls us to leave. In Old Testament History we learned about Abraham and that God called him to leave his home of Ur. He lived there his entire life up to that point and God called him to leave. He eventually settled in Hebron where he lived the rest of his life and died there. If God calls you to leave, you gotta go. I just pray for strength if He calls me to.

More later. Thanks for reading. God bless. Grace and Peace.


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Greetings everyone! First of all, I apologize for not writing this before now. I didn’t have internet at all until earlier this past week or week before. But anyhow here is the low down of all that is going on.

School started on August 11. I have 20 classmates. The first two days (Monday and Tuesday) of school for us were orientation days. We have three classes on Monday and Wednesday. We have Historical Christian Evidences from 9:20 AM through 12 PM. Then we have Preaching Lab from 1PM through 1:40. And our last class is Old Testament History 1. On Tuesday and Thursday we have 3 classes. Our morning class is Spiritual Disciplines. Then we have Preaching Lab. And our afternoon class is The Life and Teachings of Jesus. And on Friday we only have one class. That is Introducution to Ministry Studies. I like all of these classes very much. They are all equally challenging and rewarding. We all will be streched by all of them. We have a lot of reading to do in each class. Some scripture memorization. A book report. All kinds of stuff. Right now we are on break week of school. We don’t have school at all this week. This is so we can get caught up and/ or get a head. That is what I plan to do this week.

I really miss my parents, family, and church really bad. I love and miss you all very VERY much. I got to see my parents on Friday and Saturday before they left to go back home. I just saw a family from our church that was visiting family in Lubbock. That was all really cool.

I love and miss you all. God bless. Grace and Peace.

PS I’ll write again near the end of September. Peace.

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