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Greetings everyone! Today is Good Friday. Today is the day our Lord and Savior died on the cross for our sins.

The most facinating person in the whole Easter scene is Thomas. Thomas is one of the twelve disciples.At times he had shown tremendous faith. Like when he heard Jesus say He was going to find Lazerus despite the Jews wanting to kill Him. Thomas was the one who said they all should go to so they would die with Him.

When Jesus died, Thomas and all the other disciples must have been heart-broken. All the hopes and dreams of their lives gone up in smoke.

Then Mary, Martha, Peter, and John talk about Jesus being raised from the dead. Thomas must have thought this was obsurd. How could that be? Where they seeing things? Hullucinating? Either way, Thomas must of thought it surely this can’t be true. He would have to see Him with his own eyes, touch Him with his own hands before he would believe it.

Then, low and behold Jesus appears and goes straight to Thomas. He tells him to see, to feel, to touch. No matter what, stop being unbelieving, but be believing. And he did! “My Lord and my God” he said.

Oh yes, Jesus’ resurrection changes everything. Thomas is a hero of faith to me. He wanted to see and Jesus gave him what he wanted. I believe if you honestly seek Him, He’ll give you what you want to see to believe in Him.

This blog was written for Convergent Books for Good Friday.


If you have any comments, thoughts, questions, they always welcome.

God bless.

Grace and Peace.



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Greetings everyone!

I love Easter! It represents so much to me as a follower of Jesus.

I love the story of Joseph and Niccodemus found in John’s gospel. When Jesus dies, these two men go boldly to the Roman govenor and ask for Jesus’ body. Both of these guys were members of the Pharisees, but

They didn’t agree with the group’s actions in regard to Jesus and His execution. They were also secret followers of Jesus.

But by going to Pilate to ask for Jesus’ body and bury Him, they were in essence going public with their faith.

These two men took down Jesus’ body, wrapped it with spices, and buried it in Joseph’s own tomb.

This was a beautiful display of devotion, friendship, love, and support.

May we all show Him our love and so forth in the way we live.

Commits, questions, etc are always welcomed and encouraged.

God bless.

Grace and Peace.


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Greetings everyone! I meant to write this yesterday, but stuff kept getting in the way.

On Monday I wrote about the tragic story of Judas. Today I wanted to write about Simon Peter.

We’re first introduced to Simon Peter in John’s gospel. After Jesus met Andrew, he went at once to find his brother Simon and told him about Jesus. When Simon met Jesus, He called him Peter.

In Matthew, Mark, and Luke Peter meets Jesus again and they go fishing. And Peter catches such a big net full of fish the net began to bust. Peter (and those with him) were so astonished. Jesus told Peter if he followed Him, He would teach him to fish for men.

Peter was the leader of the twelve disciples. He spoke up first several times when Jesus asked them a question. Several times Peter put his foot in his mouth.

His most embarressing moment had to be when he told Jesus he would always follow Him and would even die for Him. But Jesus told him he would deny he even knew Him in just a few hours.

And that’s what happened. After Jesus is arrested, all the disciples ran away. Peter followed Jesus at a distance and went into the courtyard while Jesus stood trial. There were three people who confronted Peter asking him if he was a follower of Jesus. Each time he said no he wasn’t and he didn’t even know who He was. He even called down curses on himself as he did. And one of the gospel records said Jesus turned and looked at Peter. When this happened Peter remembered and broke down.

After Jesus’ resurrection, the last story John shares in his gospel account is of Peter and several other disciples going fishing one last time. Surely Peter had thought he had blown it and Jesus didn’t want him as a follower any more.

The disciples fished through out the night not catching anything. Jesus calls out to them in the morning to cast the net on the other side. They did and caught an amazing number of fish.Amazingly this great number didn’t break the net.

Jesus called them over to Him and the fire He had started and cooked them breakfast.

After they had finished, Jesus asked him three times if he loved Him. And three times Peter said he did. And three times Jesus commissioned him to feed His sheep.

Three times Peter denied even knowing Jesus. Three times Jesus recommissioned him to fish for men.

I love Easter. Jesus’ resurrection changes everything. Jesus changes everything.

All comments, questions, etc are always welcomed and encouraged.

God bless.

Grace and Peace.


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Greetings everyone! Sorry for not blogging for so long. I’m not doing very well with the blog lately. Been busy. No excuses though.

A few days ago I got an email saying a bunch of people where going to do blog posts about stories of Easter during the week leading up to Easter. I thought I would join in on that.

The first person I thought of to focus on is the negative example: Judas Iscariot. In all the gospel accounts, when they list the twelve disciples Jesus selected, Judas is always listed last with the indication he was His betrayer.

In John’s gospel chapter 12, Lazarus’ sister Martha anoints Jesus with perfume. It also says Judas objected to her act of generosity, because this perfume was worth a year’s wages and could have been given to the poor. But Jesus rises to her defence, telling Judas to let her be and that it was intended for His burial. They would always have poor people to take care of, but they would only have Him for a little while longer. Then it says Judas didn’t say that because he cared about the poor but that he was the keeper of the money bag and would help himself to what was given to it.

Behind the scenes the Jewish Pharisees where plotting to kill Jesus and Judas agreed to give Him over to them for money (Matthew 26:14-16).

In John’s gospel chapter 13:18-30, Jesus tells His disciples one of them would betray Him. They were obviously very distraught at this and wondered aloud which one of them it would be. Jesus said His betrayer would be whom He handed a piece of bread after dipping it in a dish. He then handed it to Judas. Jesus said something to Judas who immediately walked out.

In Matthew, Mark, and Luke they tell of Jesus going to the Garden of Gethsemane and all that happened there. Then Judas leading the Pharisees to Him, kissing Him, and the Pharisees arresting Him.

Jesus is tried, condemned, and killed. Judas was overcome with remorse. Obviously he wasn’t under the impression the Pharisees where going to kill Jesus. Judas was so distraught he killed himself, the gospels and Acts record in various places. 

I think each of the gospels and especially John show the Jews, Romans, and Judas and the other disciples all had a hand in killing Jesus. But the gospels also show that Jesus was in control the whole time. One of the gospels says Jesus said He lays down His life at His own accord and no one takes it from Him. It was all in the plan all along. Fantastic isn’t it?

Please share any comments, reflections, questions, etc with me. 

God bless. Grace and Peace.




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