Greetings everyone! I’ve been reading David Kinnaman & Mark Matlock’s newest book Faith For Exiles.

Oh man y’all! This book is AMAZING!!!! It is about the character traits the authors have found through their research & asking questions to teens & young adults who are resilliant in their faith. It is about what ways those who are resilliant, who are serious about their faith got so & how they sustain that manner of living. It is about growing in the love & grace of our God as we grow in our faith.

This book is AMAZING! I highly recommend it.

Greetings everyone! I recently read David Platt’s new book Something Needs To Change.

This is a great book. David Platt writes about his trip to Himalayan mountains. It’s about all the things he did & encountered there. It’s about the people he net there. It’s about the physical & spiritual needs he encountered there.

With all of this, Platt says, we can’t go back to business as usual. We can’t go back to the way things have always been. Something must change in the way we live. Something must change in our churches.

This is an excellent book. I couldn’t recommend it higher. It’s a great book. You’ll be challenged & changed by reading it.

Your comments, thoughts, questions, etc are always welcomed & encouraged.

God bless you all.

Grace & Peace.


Greetings everyone! Zack Blaisdell here.

There a three big reasons why I love being a Baker Books Blogger.

The first reason why I love being a Baker Books Blogger is because I love Baker Books. They are a great Christian books company that really does a great job publishing books that reflect a love for Jesus & His church. And that show a love for ministry.

The second reason why I love being a Baker Books Blogger is because I love blogging about books. I’m a bit of a book worm & love to read. And I love to blog about the books I read.

And the third reason why I love being a Baker Books Blogger is because I love getting free books to review. I’m not going to lie. I love getting stuff for free. Who doesn’t?

I hope all who read this post will clearly see that I love being a Baker Books Blogger.

As always, all comments & questions are welcomed & encouraged.

God bless you all.

Grace & Peace.

Greetings everyone! I recently read Kyle Idleman’s latest book called Don’t Give Up. It is about Hebrews chapters 11 & 12. Hebrews 11 is the Hall of Fame of Faith. Hebrews 12 opens up about a cloud of witnesses, referring to all of those mentioned in chapter 11.

I’ve long been a fan of Kyle’s so when I saw his latest books, I immediately ordered it. Then I saw his publisher was looking for people to be part of the launch team. I applied & got on the team.

The book is amazing. It is full of biblical examples of people overcoming seemingly impossible odds to live by faith & glorify God. And stories of modern day people also.

This is a great book. I highly recommend it. I pray the book blesses you like it did for me.

Please let me know what you think about this book or post in general. Comments of any kind are always welcomed & encouraged.

God bless you all. Grace & Peace.



Greetings everyone! I recently completed reading Meet Generation Z by James Emery White. This is a review of the book.

This book was absolutely amazing! It is about understanding the mindset of & how to best to relate to the largest generation of today. I think Generation Z is made up of the little children up to the teenagers of today.

Generation Z has different concerns, thoughts, & priorities on their minds then those of previous generation. White does an excellent job of addressing these concerns & how we can address them. White does a great job on this book of how to address Generation Z & how he & his church work with them.

White added three appendices addressing three different controversial issues & how he & his church address each of them. While I don’t agree with his stance, I appreciate his honesty & how they work with people who are part of it.

As someone who wants to be in ministry to young adults & college students, I thought this book would be great to read. It certainly did not disappoint. I highly recommend this book to anyone who works with children, teens, & college students in any way.

I was given this book by Baker Books in exchange for my honest review. I hope I’ve met the requirements of the review.

As always any & all comments or concerns are welcomed & encouraged. If there is anything I should add or delete, please let me know.

God bless. Grace & Peace.

Greetings everyone! For this review, I have completed reading a book called Shalom In Psalms. This is a fantastic book. The subtitle is a great outlook in to the book: A Devotional From The Jewish Heart Of The Christian Faith.

For one thing, the authors used a Bible translation called Tree Of Life Version (treeoflifeversion.com) which I thought was excellent. It seemed to be a good translation of the original Hebrew text. The authors used this Bible translation and added their commentary along with the biblical text.

I thought the authors did a great job of talking about the key Hebrew words in each Psalm, the application in the times of the writings, how they all apply to Jesus, and how Christians can use these Psalms in our own lives.

I would highly recommend this great resource.

If there’s anything here I’ve left out in this review, or any thoughts, or questions please let me know.

God bless you all. Grace and Peace.

Greetings everyone! I am so proud to introduce you to Elliotte Rose Calhoun Blaisdell. She was born Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 to my brother & sister-in-law Colby & Cheryl Blaisdell in Austin, Texas. Ellie is their second child. She looks beautiful!

Ellie, Uncle Zebo can’t wait to meet you.

As always, any thoughts & comments are welcomed & encouraged.

God bless you all. Grace & Peace.