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Greetings everyone! Sorry I haven’t written in so long.

Last week my mom and I went to Granbury to spend some time with my sister Katie and her family. During that day I watched The Lion King with my niece and nephew. While we were watching it, I started thinking this is a lot like campus ministry.

First, college is a time of learning and growing. That’s how The Lion King starts out: the young Simba learning about himself and his responsibilities.

Second, I know I have made some bad decisions in my life. Simba made some bad decisions in the movie. College is a time we find ourselves.

And third, just as Simba found himself at the end of the movie, so college is the time students find themselves in this time of their lives.

In conclusion, I hope and pray campus ministries can and will help the college students they come in contact with in each and every one of these ways.

As always your thoughts, comments, questions, etc are welcomed and encouraged.

God bless.

Grace and Peace.



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