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Greetings everyone! I think everyone who knows me well knows I LOVE sports. Strength goes a long way in the sports world. Those who are strong, who have strength, will do well. And those who don’t won’t do well.
I love the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. There’s a scene in the third movie (The Return Of The King) where Pippin is talking with Faramir. Pippin is about to pledge his loyalty & service to Gondor, & to serve the king there. Faramir is talking about how his father (who is king of Gondor) was a lot like Boramir, who was killed in the first movie. Faramir was saying how stubborn & strong Boramir was. And then Pippin said, “I think you have strength of a different kind. And one day your father will see it”. That statement gives me goosebumps. LOVE THAT!
The Apostle Paul would say in 2nd Corinthians that when we are weak, He (God) is strong.
I’ll stop here.
Any & all comments, questions, etc are always welcomed & encouraged.
God bless. Grace and Peace.


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