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Greetings everyone! Its been way too long since I’ve blogged last. Sorry about that.

I finished reading George Barna and David Kinnaman’s book ChurchLess last night.

ChurchLess is the conclusion of a trio of books David Kinnaman has written. Mr Kinnaman wrote 2 books previous to this. The first of these is called UnChristian. It is about young adults who aren’t Christians & why they are turned off by Christians & the church. The second book is called You Lost Me. Its about young adults who are Christians, but who also feel like the church has lost touch with younger generations. And this latest book, ChurchLess tells why young adults are leaving the church & how we can keep them.

The book has 14 chapters, 3 appendixes, & 202 pages.

This book tackles how & why the church is loosing ground with young adults, issues that are obsticules, & what the church can do to bridge the gaps to keep young adults in the church & faithful.

Its a GREAT book, & I highly recommend it. I especially recommend it for church leaders, youth workers, & college workers.

As always any & all comments & questions are always welcomed & encouraged.

God bless. Grace and Peace.

Zack Blaisdell


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