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A Few Things

Greetings to one and all. Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog post. Got a little bit busy I guess. Lord willing my parents and I will drive out to Lubbock today to visit my sister, Katie and brother in law, Jacob. Should be fun! I’m greatful to get the chance to see and visit with them. I am especially excited and greatful to be in Lubbock with them and attending Sunset International Bible Institute this Fall.

I am greatful to have been able to work for a grocery store the past three years now. The grocery store is called Tom Thumb and is part of the national grocery store chain called Safeway and Randalls. Working there has awakened the knowledge of servant-hood. To me ministry is all about serving the church and the community at large. While attending Harding and AIM program one thing that was heavily impressed on me is the idea of “holistic” ministry. All that means is meeting peoples’ physical needs and thus earning the right to be heard, opening their eyes to their spiritual needs, and meeting those needs. To me that is what ministry is all about.

Lord willing in May of 2010 I will finish Sunset International Bible Institute. I hope and pray to be able to pursue a career in full time pastoral ministry in Outreach and Involvement, or Spiritual Formation and Education, or College Campus and Young Professionals, or something like that. Evangelism to the lost and reaching out to new members and converts and getting them plugged into the life of the church is oh so important. A book I’ve read that is really good on that is The Great Commission Part 2 by Steve Cummings and Glen Newton. I’ve already read it 2 or 3 times. I attended a workshop here in Dallas a few years ago in which Steve and Glen taught about the book they co-authored. I went and baught their book. Very inlightening.  To me Spiritual Formation is about studying Jesus and His life here on earth, especially His prayer life. The best books I’ve read are Walk With Me by Predince Meador and Bob Chisolm, The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancey, and Jesus: The Greatest Life of All by Charles Swindoll. Education in the church is so important as well. I love the Group company based in Longmont, CO. They advocate the learners’ based education. Meaning, you teach based on how learners learn best. The college days are usually a time of transition for most people. They have graduated from the youth group and leaving home for the first time for most. Their parents are there to make sure they get up and go to class or church. They must choose to go themselves. This is the first time they are met with challenges to their faith that they hold dear. They must decide to go or not go themselves. This is a major time of transition for them. And even after they have finished their college time and they leave their respective schools and their friends who encouraged them spiritually. Especially then. After you leave home to go school you need to make friends who will encourage you spiritually. After you finish school and you leave that encouragement base, I imagine you will need encouragement all the more.

I don’t know if any of that makes since or not. I look at a lot of minister’s wanted pages. One thing I see more than anything I see churches who want ministers who already have experience in full time ministry. They want someone who has already proven himself. Ministry degree or not, they want someone has put their learnings into real life experiences. That is probably the biggest reason I want to go to Sunset, to gain experience. No one cares how much education you have until you have experience. That is totally understandable and reasonable. I just hope to be able to gain the experience necessary to do it too. If not, of course I will work in the grocery store bussiness to support myself and minister to the church for free.

Does any of this make sense? Comments please. Thank you! God bless. Grace and Peace.


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Greetings one and all. Last time I blogged about talking to and hearing from God. After talking with my parents about it, we all found lots of times this occured in the Old Testment (especially in Genisis) and the Psalms and Proverbs. Plus in Psalms it is especially helpful to insert your name when reading many of the Psalms when it says “I” or “you”. All of that was especially helpful. So thank you Mom and Dad!

Last year at church we offered Dave Ramsey’s financial management course Financial Peace University. I took it and it was especially helpful to me personally. Lord willing I will enroll at Sunset International Bible Institute this Fall and wanted to take the class to get my finances in order and to be able to make proper financial decisions into the future. I have added Dave’s personal website to my blog roll here.

It is really amazing how many Americans are having financial problems. Credit card debt is one way to dig a financial grave. If we don’t have good money management skills we’ll charge everything on the credit card. Every thing goes on it. That will surely pile on top of itself and snow ball.

One thing I will certainly remember and use well into the future is keeping better track of money. Using a chart with the amount of money you and listing what amount of the money goes where. In short this process is telling your money what to do. Also when you have debt, Mr. Ramsey suggests the debt snow ball. List your debts from greatest to smallest. Than start focusing as much of your financial resources as possible to eliminating those debts one by one. Get as much money as you can through out the way. Have a garage sale, work a little over time, or work a part time job. If you have a house, don’t put that on the list until all or at least most of your debts are paid off. Once your debts are paid off you can start to build wealth. Notice now, that this could take years to do. Mr. Ramsey says it takes a crock pot and not a micro wave.

If you or someone you know is in financial problems tell them to look up daveramsey.com. He has a radio show every week day. There are some churches who have Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class at there facility. Put in your zip code and you’ll see a list of churches offering the class. Look them up and enroll. You’ll be glad you did.

In fact, I hope I didn’t talk too much about the class above there. I don’t want to get in trouble for copy write. If so, please some body tell me. I’ll start doing some editing pronto.

God bless you all! Grace and Peace.

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Greetings everyone! I hope and pray you are having a great day today and will have a great weekend!

I started thinking about something last night. My prayer life is no where near where I want it to be or where it needs to be. And neither is my Bible reading and listening to God speaking to me. It seems that reading the Bible is one thing and to read it with ears tuned in to listen to God’s voice speaking to you is entirely different. Does that make sense to anyone out there?

A week or two ago I purchase John Eldridge’s book Walking With God. I haven’t read it yet, but intend to soon. I am certain that what he suggests in this book worked wonders for him, but doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for me or for someone else. One size DOESN’T fit all. I’m sure Mr. Eldridge would agree with that. (BTW, I have read a few of Mr. Eldridge’s books and all of them were wonderful and thought provoking). I know of another book out there by Dr. Glenn Pemberton the Dean of the Undergraduate Bible Department at Abilene Christian University. I think it’s called Do You Hear Me Now?. Haven’t purchased it yet. Probably will at some point in the future.

I have intended to look up all of the people in the Bible who have inquired of the Lord and He spoke back to them. I will do that today and will post those names in the next blog post. Any one have any suggestions for how to read the Bible with the intent to hear from God? Perhaps that’s the answer right there: reading the Bible with the intent to hear from God. Do you have any suggestions for learning to hear God’s voice? Any thing that has worked for you that you would pass on to someone else (ie. journaling, seeking wise godly counsel from a respected Christian friend, personal study materials used, and so forth)?

This is something I have thought about for some time now and want to know what other people thought about it and had to say about it.

Thank you! God bless! Grace and Peace.

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Greetings one and all. Over the weekend, I watched the two movies mentioned in the Title line: Becoming Jane and I Am Legend.

Both very good movies! Becoming Jane is certainly a “chick flick”, but thought it was good. It is about a woman who became a very successful novel author. Sounds like she lived a relatively short life, she wrote 6 novels that are now very popular (especially among the female population). Thought it was excellent!

I Am Legend was very VERY intense. This movie definetely has some theologically relavent things in it. Will Smith plays a man who played a man finds a remedy for the monsters. VERY intense and VERY good! I liked both of these films and highly recommend both.

Has any one out there reading this seen either or both of these movies? If so, I invite you to comment your opinions of these movies here please.

I hope and pray everyone has a good day today. Grace and Peace.

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